Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Time to swap out your boring lunch sandwiches for some mouthwatering turkey lettuce wraps. If this isn’t your go to lunch meal right now, it will be after the first bite. This meal is packed with protein and nutrients and only requires 10 mins to make, it can even be served as an appetizer for guest! Top it off with some spicy salsa or homemade guacamole and you’ll be on your way to your new favorite treat!

Ground turkey meat
Iceberg or romaine lettuce
Guacamole (optional)
Salsa (optional)

Creole Seasoning , Red Pepper, and Garlic powder

1. Chop up your choice of toppings/ vegetables. I typically dice up a few onions, tomatoes and jalapeños to use as topping for my lettuce wraps but feel free to get creative.
2. Heat up a skillet with olive oil.
3. Toss in your turkey meat and sprinkle creole seasoning, garlic powder and red pepper on top. Continue mixing the meat and seasoning and cook until done 4-6 minutes (if meat is already defrosted)
4. Once the meat is done take a plate and begin breaking off big pieces of your ice berg lettuce. I do 4-6 pieces.
5. Then in each iceberg lettuce pour in some ground meat.
6. Once the ground meat is evenly divided on to the lettuce wraps, add on your toppings.
7. For a dipping sauce try either using some spicy salsa or fresh guacamole!
8. Now it’s time for my favorite part, eating and enjoying your meal!
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