I recently re- read the book, “Dream Giver” a story of a boy who embarks on a journey to his Big Dream and along the way he must face numerous obstacles before reaching his Dream. This book is one of the reasons I got up the courage to began chasing my dreams. I recommend EVERYONE buying this book, it is only 150 pages and just $2!! No reason to not buy it. But, until you buy the book I decided to make a list of the 7 things I learned from this book on the journey to YOUR Big Dream.

  1. Everyone is born with a dream. Some of us have known what it was since an early age and for others we could have forgotten about it (this was myself) but with some time alone and reflection you CAN discover what your Big Dream is. Remember, your dream is what you do BEST and what you most LOVE to do.

2. Pursuing your dream will cause A LOT of discomfort, fear and anxiety. BUT staying in your comfort zone will only cause regret in the future.

“It was hard to leave my comfort zone. But it would have been even harder to leave behind my Dream and I’m glad I didn’t.” Remember, feel fear and PURSUE IT!

3. Sometimes it’s even the people close to you (family/friends) who try to persuade you into not leaving your comfort zone to pursue your dream, NOT because they don’t love or believe in you, they are just doing what’s natural. By leaving your comfort zone, you shook up theirs and they now have something to lose.

“The very fact, that they’re standing in front of you means you’re on the move toward your dream.”

4. There will be times of confusion, where you just don’t seem to understand why you haven’t seen success. Nothing happens over night. Like a farmer, you must sew THEN reap. It may take a year or several years but it will only make the reaping that much better!

“The bigger the dream the more time preparation.”

5.Your dream is bigger than you! When discovering your dream, write down your intentions, it shouldn’t be “fame or wealth”, those are selfish goals. It should instead help out someone’s need.

“Dreams are to help someone else. Comfort is to help yourself.”

6. Opposition WILL come. From financial difficulties to people’s disapproval and even your own self doubt. But you must believe that everything you need is within you and there will NEVER be a “perfect time” to start chasing your dream, YOU JUST HAVE TO START!

“The larger the dream the more opposition.”

7. The day WILL come where all the sweat and tears will finally pay off and you will see your dream come to pass. And you will soon discover there are more needs/ dreams waiting for you to accomplish.

“Hold on fast to your dream. You’re going to be a somebody someday.”

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